Tag's + Power Filter = Highlight tree with different line color

Timo B. shared this idea 2 years ago
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Hello everyone,

one idea how you can improve your power filter (from my point of view).

Lets assume following:

More or less complicated map with some customer tag's at the lowest-level topics. Now you want to show the "solution" for customer A and customer B. You can use the power filter for that, but it will show the resulting topics without any differentiation. A good solution would be to use a different line colour (down to general topic) to show in a better way your results. Like a "red line" through your map/project.

Using colored tag's (which are shown in the map) will not help from my point of view because showing all tags will "confuse" the map and distract the audience.

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You can achieve this effect to some degree using a combination of Power Filters and SmartRules.

First, you will need to use tags, icons or topic properties to identify each client's topics, but you can subsequently hide any of these using Show/Hide if you don't want to clutter the map. Then write a SmartRule that will use the tag or property as a trigger to apply the topic line colour or other effect you want for the first client, and repeat this for the second and any subsequent client.

The line colour of the topics relating to each client should then reflect the SmartRule effect, for example, client 1's topics will be red and those of client 2 will be green. You can then apply a Power Filter to fade all the topics which don't have a client number (note that you will get slightly different results depending on what you have used to store the client number (see attached example).

However, what is much more difficult to do is to change the line colour of the parent topics if they have child topics that belong to more than one client. If all the topics in each branch belong to only one client then it is possible to do this, but if there are more than one client's tasks in a branch you would need multi-coloured or multiple lines in different colours.


Hi Alex, thanks for your tipps.

I made some trials with smart rules already. Problems are that the line color is always active and not only after usage of the power filter and that the colored line is not starting at the main topic.

For me it would be a benefit if the SW can provide this.

Maybe something for the To-Do list for further versions of Mindmanager.


In answer to your first point you can turn SmartRules on and off individually about as easily as you can apply and cancel Power Filters - in fact, I would argue it’s a good deal easier to keep track of the cumulative effects of multiple SmartRules than it is with Power Filters.

In relation to your second point about line colour showing on parent topics, as I said in my previous comment this is doable, provided there is only one client’s topics to deal with within each branch. This can be done by writing formulas to create a property on the parent topic that picks up the client number from the child topic properties. What isn’t possible however is to have multi-coloured lines or multiple lines as per your example.

Another way to handle this would be to use an alternative effect that does allow multiple options. For example, you could use SmartRules to apply coloured tags or icons to the parent topics to match the line colour of the line colour you select for the child topics for each client. The parent topics would then show more than one tag or icon if they had child topics from more than one client.