logical labels/numbering to be become permanent

ustolle shared this idea 2 years ago
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  1. topics can have a automatic numbering assigned
  2. numbering and labels are only logical and do not remain if the map is exported to external formats or other maps
  3. there should be an option to make the labeling/numbering permanent
  4. this option should remember this setting to make it again flexible if the map is modified later
  5. topics with this logic should be made obvious to the user

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You can also use the Topic Prefix facility in the MAP MindManager add-in (which I mentioned in my comment on your idea regarding incremental numbering) to add permanent topic numbering. This numbering is static and is completely separate from MindManager's inbuilt dynamic topic numbering, so will be retained if the map is exported. However, any changes required in the map because topics have been added or deleted after numbering has been applied must be done manually.

In relation to item 2 on your list, it's true that the program's own numbering system isn't retained when a map is exported, but in some destination programs like Word you can use a template which can replicate the numbering used in the map.