Timeline in hours and minutes - it would be so valuable

Gregory G. shared this idea 2 years ago
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Blogging/vlogging is such a BIG THING now. Do you have any idea how valuable MindManager would be if the timeline could be switched into hours and minutes? Most vlogs are designed and written with time in mind.

Mindmapping in MindManager and then being able to create a timed script with a click of a button would/should open up a new market for MindManager. Not sure how many votes you would get here, but vloggers would certainly care and they make excellent targets to promote your product.

I've used MindManager for years and for just about everything I write and shoot. But, I'm dealing with another product to do timing. Arggh on using another product.

Thank you for listening--happy to beta or help in any way including creating a couple of templates and telling you who to use to promote the MindManager. Yes, I want that feature that much.

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Hi Gregory,

in the Gantt Pro window you can change the diagram resolution to "Highest granularity".


Then you are able to plan your tasks in hours and minutes.

Known issue:

The day starts at 8am, but you can change this in the standard options.


Last year I did a project about a training calendar for a client. We saved training modules as Map-Parts. Worked pretty cool and very easy.

Before that they did the planning with excel. This was very hard to rearrange and adapt the training. With the new map they to this in minutes.