Publish a mindmap for others to review

Bob M. shared this question 2 years ago

Does the latest Mindjet have an easy way to publish a mindmap [ideally, a subtreee] online?

Here's the use case: for security reasons, I'd like to send them a URL that shows ONLY the current sub-project vs. the entire project. Right now, I have to publish that sub-project to a PDF and then send them them a Dropbox link, and that's very cumbersome.

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You can save a copy of a filtered map, which contains only the filtered-in topics. That could then be published either to the MindManager server with a password (if your security permits), or to a HTML5 file hosted in a private location.


If you use the windows version, you could use the features of the review ribbon.

Also if you have a project with sub projects, most users use the dashboard structure. More safe, faster and nobody messes with somebody elses subproject.