Import Xmind file into MindManager for Mac 14.

Steve B. shared this question 16 months ago

I cannot directly import an Xmind file into MindManager 14 on my iMac. Prior comments on this site show that it was possible to do this. What has changed?

The workaround is to convert Xmind into a MindManager file and open it in MindManager.

I'm looking for a more direct solution.

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Hello Steve,

Some Xmind diagrams types may not be compatible with MindManager. Please send a copy of the file that won't import to our Support Team and they will check compatibility - MindManager Support

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Hi Steve,

I was able to import one if the existing Xmind map into MindManager 14 on my end. It looks like a map specific issue.

Can you please open a case with MindManager Support and send in a copy of the original map along with a brief description of the issue here - MindManager Support

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The Xmind files in question contain information I do not want to share. I will export from Xmind to get them into MM.