Excel Data Mapper to map also to standard fields/attributes, available in 'formulae', add Export

marksmithzurich shared this idea 2 years ago
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So although you can map columns to custom fields in Mindmanager with the Excel Data Mapper I feel that it would be way more powerful to be able to also map to Mindmanager core attributes e.g.:

date > task start date or task due date or even milestone

number > duration/effort

currency > resource cost

text > resource

URL > Link/URL path (this would be huge; with 1:1 or 1:M links added)

images > embed at full resolution or thumbnail size (import from folder)

I see synergies in "Make Start and Due Dates, and Topic Properties in date format, available in formulas" and extending the Excel Data Mapper to map to these properties and make all attributes and internal calculations available to formulae.

Indeed, a competing product called Matchware Mindview - see Calculation Module and Excel Export - does this very well and also can output Excel sheets with the working formulae, so an active spreadsheet(!)

Note: the shown example in the video is lousy as it represents the calculations that Mindmanager supports. A better example I use in Mindview is "REMAININGWORK/28800" which is the person days remaining to complete a task. I use this with the resource rate to calculate remaining resource cost too :-)

So this request is:

1. allow excel fields to be mapped to more standard fields

2. allow these to be available in formulae (see 'make start date'...)

3. consider feature to export to Excel with formulae similar to Mindview (note that this can be used without having to have use the Data Mapper to import)

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for mentioning my suggestions regarding making start dates, due dates and date format available in formulas.

I support your suggestions regarding for additional fields to be made available via the Excel Data Mapper. I also made some suggestions regarding this: https://community.mindmanager.com/topic/394-widen-the-data-type-options-the-excel-data-mapper-can-handle-when-importing. Specifically I mentioned callouts, resources, Kanban, tags and hyperlinks.

Like you, I'm particularly interested in being able to import lists of hyperlinks. I've written up the process for doing this in an article on my blog: https://sociamind.com/2021/05/30/turning-url-lists-into-mindmaps-mindmanager-2021-update/

Re your use of person days to complete a task, the MAP add-in has an Extended Properties feature which includes properties such as Days to Task Start, Days to Task Due and Task Days Elapsed. This probably isn't exactly what you're asking for but it might be useful.