How do I activate a shortcut when the Ribbon shows three options and the one I want is one letter?

Ray shared this question 2 years ago

How do you use a shortcut when only one letter shows?

For example: Insert - Tags.

I press Alt N - T.

Attached shows three shortcut letter in black - TO - TC and T.

I want to active the T shortcut.

How do I activate the T shortcut from the keyboard?

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I think this might be a bug. The shortcut for Tags should have a second letter.


Thanks for reply.

Is there a method for reporting a bug like this?


MindManager staffers read and answer questions here, so hopefully it will be picked up. If necessary it could be reported to the technical support team at


Hi Ray,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I have sent this post to our QA Team to review and enter a bug in our tracking system.

Meanwhile, you can use the Text Accelerators feature to enter tags.

To add tags with an accelerator key

1 Select a topic.

2 Do one of the following:

• Type # and choose the tag in the popup menu by clicking it or scrolling to it with the arrow keys and pressing Enter.

• To add a new tag, type #, type a tag name, and press Enter.


To use # as a character rather than an accelerator key, click in the topic, type # then press Esc or Spacebar.

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