Calculate a "Next-Action" status for a task

Nick D. shared this idea 2 years ago
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In addition to regular task info, tasks have a calculated "At-Risk" SmartRule trigger to generate management information in tags or properties.

It would be very useful to also calculate a "Next-Action" trigger, which is true if a task has no predecessors, or if all the inbound dependency constraints are met, i.e. predecessor tasks are finished or started as specified by the dependency type. The user could further combine this with a test of the start date if required.

This would enable more sophisticated handling of project dashboards and Kanban boards by permitting the display of the immediate next actions across a project.

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Hi Nick,

This is a great idea. You can do this (just) for selected predecessor topics if you use a combination of SmartRules and formulas, but the process is convoluted at best and you have to nominate the topics - you can't do it by using inbound dependencies.

One approach might be to have the presence of inbound dependencies as a trigger in a SmartRule, with the ability to count them as an effect. This could be combined with another trigger to show the status of the predecessor tasks, for example, the proportion that have finished, or been started.