With all the organization and display capabilities of your product, this is the best you can do?

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To be fair, there are a couple of major constraints on the Help documentation.

  • It must be accessible in parallel to MindManager. For example, it would be next to impossible to follow step by step instructions if the Help were also a map in MindManager itself.
  • The Help must be usable by someone who does not know their way around MindManager at all. It would be self-defeating if you needed to be familiar with MindManager's visualisation to use its help file.
  • I think (but do not know for sure) that the help is a single source that is also used to generate the linear PDF help file. That's not to say that MindManager could not do that, but it does not generate the table-of-contents left navigation that is used for the online help, which is presumably one of the outputs from the documentation tool.

That said, the Help file has for me at least always been a reference that is used occasionally rather than a novel to read from beginning to end. I would agree that there would be other ways to present the information, but it may not make sense to bypass the lowest common denominator.