Webapp causes DNS issues for Chrome on Mac

Mahyad . shared this question 2 years ago

Hi, I started playing with the free trial this morning iMac. Shortly I lost my internet connection on the iMac (other devices did not lose connection.) When I restablished connection, chrome started having DNS issues (all other browsers worked fine). Assuming it was Mac related I called Apple support, after a few hours of trying a lot of different things, we realized that the problem was related to the MindManager webapp. When I quite the app, Chrome works. When I log into the app, after a few minutes, chrome starts having DNS and connectivity issues.

I am running the latest Monterrey OS. Chrome Version 97.0.4692.71.

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Hi Mahyad,

I have not heard about this issue earlier. Please open a case with MindManager Support to troubleshoot further along with steps to reproduce and screenshot of the issue - MindManager Support

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