When you produce webinars, can you indicate whether and to what degree they apply to MJ Mac?

george R. shared this idea 2 years ago
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It's very disappointing to join a webinar only to find that 50% or more of the topics covered don't apply to the Mac version. We know we're well behind the windows version, but can you help us avoid wasting our time when the content doesn't apply to us?

Or could you have a separate, smaller section of the webinar for Mac users at the end and tell us when it will start?

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MindManager webinars designed as teaser to give ideas how you can MindManager use in different business cases. They will show you what's possible and what does visual working means. They are not designed as a online training. So the operating system should not make a difference.

If you're looking for training content, check the MindManager youtube channel and the special "meet the expert" sessions. There you'll get specific info's for the Mac or the Windows version.

The difference between Mac and Windows is very small in MM22 & Mac 14.


My point is that they show you what's possible on Mindjet for windows. And very often if you have the Mac version it just doesn't apply. I suspect if you think the delta between windows and Mac is small, you're probably a windows user!


in the webinar description of MindManager webinars it is always stated which MindManager version is shown.


Also, we almost always mention in the introduction that we are showing the Windows version.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, it is usually not possible to show the webinar topics on Windows and on Mac.

The good news are, that we are planning to offer Webinars for MindManager for Mac within this year, but these are not yet scheduled.