30 Trial version in Windows 10: "The parameter is incorrect"

Eagle shared this question 2 years ago

I just downloaded the 30 day trial version.

Once I click on data (top) and then options (bottom), it shows the "The parameter is incorrect" or in German "Falscher Parameter".

Windows 10 = German Language - installed and uninstalled multiple times in English and German - no chance :-(.

"The parameter is incorrect" leads to the fact that I can theoretically change anything in the menu windows that opens. Once I leave the menu, however, the error message is shown again and every change gets deleted / is not saved.

Any idea?

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Hi E A.

We've seen this error message before and it is likely caused by having a mismatch between the operating system language and MindManager product language.

Since you have already tried re-installing it multiple times I would suggest to submit a case with MindManager Technical Support here: - MindManager Support




Thank you for your fast reply.

I will do that.

Default language on W10 is German. I installed it in German and English. Same problem :-(