Reintroduce the ability to export slides as outlines (and/or images) direct to PowerPoint

Alex G. shared this idea 22 months ago
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I know this has been suggested previously in Dutch (along with being the subject of numerous complaints), but I thought I'd repeat and expand on this in English.

I'm aware of the technical reasons behind the removal of the export to PowerPoint facility as well as the workarounds (several of which I documented). This is all discussed in this thread:

However, as I commented in this thread, MindManager was able to overcome similar technical problems with export to Word and Excel which required them to rewrite the export facility for these programs. In doing so, MindManager went to a lot of trouble to maintain and enhance these facilities and the program can also still talk to Outlook. Why out of all the Microsoft products is PowerPoint the odd one out?

I also understand that MindManager wants to develop the program's own export facility. This is fine, but will take a long time to mature. In any case, many companies have adopted and are dependent on PowerPoint as part of their standard repertoire of programs, especially as they use it to present a lot of other things besides mind maps.

The reintroduction of the ability to export slide images (though not a direct link to PowerPoint) in the first MM21 was welcome, but does not go far enough. Along with lots of other people I used to use MindManager to write the initial outline of presentations which I then exported to PowerPoint, using the latter's features to add other content and to format each slide in a way that MindManager can't (and I suspect never will be able) to do.

MindManager should be able to send both outlines and slide images direct to PowerPoint. My final comment is that lots of MindManager's competitors continue to implement this facility without too much fuss, and a number of people have commented on this forum that their organisations simply won't purchase MindManager without this facility. I would have thought that was argument enough.

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I am shocked. Our company still uses MM 20 or 21, I think I received an update from my previous MM 19 last year? But I will make sure to find out who the internal owner of that software is and if they are aware of the lack of the Powerpoint export.

Not sure how many people in our organization use Mind Manager, but I am sure many would habe a nasty surprise.

Having just bought MM 22 for my personal use and for the non-profit work I do, I had not yet encountered this issue, but already noticed the WORD export is worse than on my company computer.


I've been using MindManager since 2008 and I am shocked to discover that I cannot directly export to PowerPoint. You knew this was a technology stack problem yet you did nothing to mitigate the risk of losing customers over this? Really? This is poor product decision-making, and I urge you to bump this priority to the top. Moving a mind map to PowerPoint has been my primary use of the product, and I'm regretting my upgrade.