Auto scheduling of tasks not working for me

Travis R. shared this question 2 years ago

I'm a new user to this tool, so might be overlooking something simple, but I'm having trouble with task auto-scheduling. Here is an example: I have a fully built flowchart or map, with dependencies and durations, that shows overall completion date just fine. When I add time to a task, it moves all subsequent tasks out, but when I shorten duration for a task, subsequent tasks are not pulled in. I don't know the lingo for MindManager, but in MS Project, this would be akin to tasks manually vs auto scheduled. Attached are examples of 1)original map; 2)time added to task 1; and 3)time shortened from task 1, but task 2 doesn't move back in time. Can someone please tell me how to make the dates auto schedule when I make modifications like this?

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Assuming you are using a recent version of MindManager, go to Task on the ribbon and click on the Remove Slack Time icon. The Gantt Pro window should open - click on the Remove Slack icon there and you will be given the option of removing the slack time from the currently selected task and those dependent on it, or from all tasks.


Is removing slack the only way to auto-update dates of dependent tasks when reducing duration of the independent tasks? I am having this same issue. Depending on the complexity and size of the map, you may not see all the dependencies of a task immediately. I have found myself spending hours tracking new dependencies that never updated and cross-checking dates.