Dark Mode(s) for Mindmanager

daverlau shared this idea 2 years ago
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To whom it may concern,

I would like to propose that the Mindmanager product management team to review the dark mode as a general design consideration as well as for accessibility consideration. It is much less stressful for the eyes, considering the number of hours people already spend on mobile and other devices.

There is a clear trend for dark modes.

I see dark modes are very relevant for notes as well as the browser.

Almost all notes applications out that provide dark modes. (Evernote, Nimbus).

All browser applications provide dark mode either by default or by extensions.

As much as possible, I prefer to work in fewer environments, and if Mindmanger could continue on innovating, as well as not fall behind, I would be very happy to continue to renew my license.

20 years user.


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It may be a trend, but I hate dark mode.

The main reason is, that readability decreases for colourblinds and othe persons who need enough contrast in what is presented.

So If development considers implementing dark mode they should keep the current mode intact.


Another remark.

If you use Mindmanager Snap, the need for Evernote is reduced to almost zero.