How can I have two mind maps within one mind map?

Alpesh P. shared this question 20 months ago

I have tried the contrast map template. No good.

I need to present information like a timeline.

I need two timelines either vertical or horizontal to each other.

Or should I just use a free form map and try to figure it out?

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Timeline maps are a form of free-form maps as you describe them in which topics are linked by relationship lines.

You can have two timelines in the same map - simply start a new map using either the horizontal or vertical timeline layout, then insert a floating topic anywhere in the same map and apply the horizontal or vertical timeline format to it. You can also use this approach to add a separate timeline to a conventional map.


Thank you, Alex.

Where can I find a complete database of all training videos?


Hi Alpesh,

The MindManager youtube channel has lots of training videos.


The Slides feature in MindManager 21 effectively gives you the ability to keep multiple maps together a single document. Each slide is its own map, although the working area is constrained - which is not always a bad thing. A MindManager deck file (.mmdeck) is a collection of slides / small maps. You can navigate to different slides (maps) in the Slides task pane instead of laying out everything in a single large diagram.