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John G. shared this question 2 years ago
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I'm back to MindManager after a long hiatus. I seem to remember being able to add custom icons/markers that I created myself in Photoshop. However, I can't remember how to do that now. I exported existing markers into a .mmms file, but that seems to be a data file that I can't edit.

Can anyone advise?

I'm on Version 14.0.178 for the Mac.

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Hi John,

Welcome back! On Mac you'll need to create .ico files and then do the following:

Open Finder.

Type CMD + SHIFT + G to open the Go to folder dialog.

Paste the following path into that dialog ~/Library/Application Support/Mindjet/MindManager/14/English/Library/Icons

Copy or move your .ico files into that folder and restart MindManager.

The custom icons should now appear in your icon library.

If you don't want to create .ico files, you can also use which accepts png, jpg, etc and will convert them into ico files for you.



Hi Sia, thanks for the information.

I ran the app you specified and added Dropbox in the My Files section. However, when I then selected DropBox, I got an error saying "Your MindManager administrator has disabled this feature. Please contact your IT department for more information."

I'm an individual, so nobody else. However, after clicking around that error went away. Now it simply says "No content found". I expected to see my DB folder structure and to be able to navigate to the folder where my MindManager sources files are kept.





I managed to workaround this. I created a new map using the app, added my new icons, then saved the file to my DB.

Then I opened the MacOS MindManager app, opened this file, and was able to manage the new icons from the Inspector. However, these icons are not preserved across files. So I saved this as a markers file (.mmms) to the folder you specified above.

I was hoping they would be automatically pulled in when I open a file or create a new one, but looks like I have to manually "Assign Markers from File".



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