It would be nice to be able to control the shape of the relationships more precisely

Mike shared this idea 2 years ago
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I suppose a lot of you have already used some kind of vector editor (illustrator, designer whatever). Then you surely know how they tend to work. They work with paths, which have endpoints and can also have nodes in between. In fact, they resemble our relationship lines.

It would be helpful, if we could edit the lines in more detail. Some common functions in vector (path) editors:

  1. Nodes can be added or deleted. This makes the path easier or more complex, depending on your needs. (in MM we use diverse relationship shapes for that, but this is limitted)
  2. Nodes can be selected and moved with the arrow keys. (in MM I use the mouse or pen, but this is not as precise)
  3. If we drag a node with the Shift key pressed or similar, it tends to display various help guides and to follow horizontal or vertical lines, to move in a 45 ¬į direction or to catch on other relevant things. In other cases, it just moves along its own line. (in MM I didn't identify additional key shortcuts which help with such things)

These are just a few features, but perhaps the most helpful for our own relationships. Other things like controlled rotation of an every node and more advanced features are probalbly too much for the common MM use)

Some relationships don't need this precision, others can't be precise enough... which I not seldom experience. And no, I don't try to use MM instead of Designer or Illustrator ;-)

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Would also be nice to have properties to change relationship lines as solid, dashed, dotted, etc.

Update: Found in the relationship format window. Nice!


There are two types of topic connections in MM:

Topic Connectors (the common lines between topics in mind maps). I suppose you are referring to these types of lines. I'd also like to be able to edit them in more detail, including the ability to add arrows.

Relationship lines which can be created as a special type of relation in mind maps and are the typical connection lines in concept maps. They can already be selected and formatted individually.