Unable to Login to MindManager on MS Teams

Daniel B. shared this question 2 years ago


does anybody have the problem that the login window in Microsoft Teams stucks during login?

We're using SSO and it works for the MindManager Desktop App on Windows and also on Web Application for Co-Editing and the Web Browser base MS Teams.

But not for the installed Teams application.

Clearing the MS Teams Cache and reinstalling the Application doesn't help right know.

It just looks like this:


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Hi Daniel,

That should not be happening. Please open a technical support ticket so our team can investigate and help you sign in successfully.



Here is a Workaround for all who are dealing with the same issue:

1. Start MS Teams

2. Right click the MindManager icon

3. Choose Pop-out-app

4. login

The support told me that this bug will be fixed with the next release for the web based software.