Is there some way to delete a post if it's no longer relevant?

Mike shared this question 45 days ago

I made a suggestion earlier, but soon afterwards I discovered that the problem can also be solved with on-board resources, so that the suggestion is no longer relevant.

This post contains this question because I didn't know how to delete it.

Can we delete such a post?

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I would prefer if you provide your solution about on-board resources with us.

That allows us to learn from your question and how you were able to solve it.

So... unless there are reasosn like inappropriate content. I would leave it posted. - with the response.


Hi Mike, thanks for your question. Currently only the site moderators can delete posts. However, users are able to edit or comment on their original posts. My recommendation would be similar to Ary's - either comment on the original post with the solution, or edit the original post with an "EDIT:" addition stating how you solved it. I hope that helps!


Thank you both! In the future I will proceed as suggested.

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