Multiple parallel timelines at the same time

Mike shared this idea 2 years ago
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Our timeline function is very helpful. But improvement would make it even more exciting. I'm talking about the possibility of even assigning this function to individual branches. At least to the first level topics.

The basic idea behind it: like in a movie or novel we could then have different storylines, that run parallel but always influence each other. We would be better able to visualize the interactions and assess similarities or differences over the course of the process. This is interesting for various types of work, but personally I would also like it for some kind of complex story development.

With the help of the swimlanes objects, we could support this even more visually.

The Gantt chart can of course do something similar, but just similar, because it is a quite different type of display that is especially suitable for task planning in project management, which I also need a lot.

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I vote in favor of this idea because I love to combine different views in my maps.

Since the Swimlanes are Background objects, there will be a lot of design thinking needed to get this implemented without the need for lots of manual adjustment.


Hello Ary, and yes, I also love looking at things from multiple perspectives. And what would be better than being able to do this even more skilfully directly in MM (which already has several interesting approaches that I really appreciate. Great piece of software by the way!)

Regardless of the areas involved and the goals, there are almost never really isolated stories. Whether we are analysts, story creators, influencing rhetoricians, or just people who want to better identify the core of their own being ... Holistic views and differentiated perspectives are often an advantage.

I've only used a symbolic story in the two attached examples. All nodes are actually "scenes". In reality, something like this would be much more extensive and there would also be acts, actions and other things. The idea is not about little love stories, it could just as well be a battle of Napoleon, that needs to be explained in a history class or prepared for a comic book series or crazy marketing campaign. It could just as well be about the interaction of different departments in a company, the analysis of such a situation or the planning of a speech about it. It could just be anything ...

The question is not whether you can somehow represent that with the current MM. Of course it works. I have implemented many test versions of such storylines with different tools and approaches in MM. They all looked neat in the end, but appearances are deceptive. Because there was mostly too much work behind that and I often used visual tricks to simulate certain appearances, which make later redesign difficult. To me, multiple timelines seem to have the potential to speed up such story representations. A kind of standardization of such projects.

My suggestions are only rough ideas, all of which will have to be considered more carefully.


Further improvement: an auxiliary topic for time or category markers ... used at the bottom and including even vertically delimitation bars, or used at the top for months, quarters, years or completely other titles. The user could adapt this to the requirements of the visualization.

Just see the attached sample...


Hi Mike,

very good ideas 👍 I strongly support this.

@MindManager: please add this very soon