Web app is exciting but has problems

Trevor C. shared this question 2 years ago
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Just started playing with the web app. I'm super excited because I moved to Chrome OS many years back, and lost MindManager as part of that move. The other web based apps just aren't very good.

However I ran into a few challenges

1. When typing a topic and I want to create a subtopic - my muscle memory says hit ctrl + enter. Ctrl + enter first ends the topic, then I have to hit it again to create the subtopic. On desktop this used to immediately create the subtopic.

2. Hitting Tab used immediately create a sibling topic. However this tabs into the ribbon UI and can cause destructive actions. I've already lost data because of this.

3. The whole notion of saving feels very antiquated in a web app. That my changes aren't constantly being saved is silly. Don't make me lose data.

4. When dragging topics, it's more likely to pull a topic off into a floating topic. Topics should be more magnetic. Consider adding a modifier key to create a floating topic or make the threshold higher. Mostly I want to rearrange, not rip off.

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Hi Trevor,

Thank you for the feedback on the new MindManager Web App.

  1. I cannot reproduce this issue. CTRL+Enter adds a sub-topic and just pressing Enter adds a sibling topic.
  2. This a bug in the Web App and has been reported to our QA Team. When fixed, the Tab key selects the next topic, not create a sibling.
  3. The Web App does auto-save changes but users can also manually save changes.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. This enhancement is already on our list of improvements for future updates.

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For #1 - the issue is while editing a topic. In previous versions of MindManager you could hit ctrl + enter while editing a topic to immediately confirm the edit AND create a subtopic. In the web version, hitting ctrl + enter while editing only confirms the edit. You have to then hit enter or ctrl+enter to start a new topic/sub-topic

2. Glad this won't select the ribbon anymore.

3. Can it save before navigating away? Again I've lost data because of #2 and lack of good auto-save.

4. Great, thanks

One more - I don't have an insert key any more (Chromebooks don't have them and neither do Macs) so I can't use ctrl shift insert to insert a parent topic. I can select a topic then hit the inner plus arrow to create a parent topic, but I wish a different or additional keyboard shortcut would be considered.


Hi Trevor,

Thanks for the feedback.

We understand the CTRL + Enter and Tab key issue, they've been entered into our bug tracking system to be fixed in an upcoming release.

Like Marian said, files should be autosaved anytime you leave the app, but you do need to save them to a cloud storage location to enable this autosave feature. Which storage provider are you using? Are you still seeing autosave failures or was it a one time thing?


Don't understand how file save/access works with the web app. I set to save to my OneCloud drive. When I click SAVE there is no splash screen to let me enter a name. If I exit and reopen the program, the file I was working on doesn't appear under OneCloud. How do I save my work to a file (that I can name), and how do I see and select a file to use/continue editing from my previous session?


When I log in, I'm taken directly to the Published Files page - nothing there, and I can't navigate away from that page. Any suggestions people? Thanks