is there any plan support markdown syntax in Topic notes?

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same as title

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Can you describe the use case for this? Do you need to import or export markdown text?


Frequent need to share notes on a topic with team mates or external teams in tools where markdown is supported (e.g. Confluence). It can be time consuming to have to format the notes when you post, so adopting a universal format/capability like Markdown would be a significant improvement. At the moment, considering moving to another tool based on this.


As a temporary workaround, the following manual process might work:

  1. Export the topic notes in HTML format to the clipboard with a macro
  2. Paste them into an online HTML to markdown converter at and copy the markdown back.

If this is viable for you, I can easily provide a macro to extract the notes of a topic in HTML. This can be added to a context menu.

I made a quick trial and obtained these results:

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