Who believes that Black Friday and/or CyberMonday prices are necessary?

Ary V. shared this question 5 months ago
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Ofcourse we all want to pay the best price for our software.

However, MindManager is a business tool and most companies, large and small, have a thorough decision process going on before the actual purchase is finalized.

Black Friday and/or CyberMonday prices seem to focus on private persons who buy -only- on price.

So why do you spend time on creating confusion with these offers that are not meant for the usergroups MindManager is designed for?

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"People who buy -only- for price"

Hardly anyone buys on this conceptual level based on price alone. But even if someone did, he / she would certainly not choose MM if price were the only consideration. Don't ignore the many great and affordable products that are already out there.

Those who accept an offer, do not make any less thorough decisions. In a world of fundamental price fluctuations, I can hardly imagine price-confused MM users as a serious problem, especially not with our few options. Software giants of all directions are making offers. And they also offer highly professional and large packages with hardly less functionality ;-)

“A thorough decision-making process” involves assessing value for money, especially when it comes to long-term investments. The much more important question is therefore:

Do we think the regular price of MM is reasonable? In short, I don't. But the offers from Black Friday & Co. come quite close to a reasonable regular price without reaching it.

Some aspects

Yes, MM is a very capable piece of Software, but as in any other Software, most users only use a part of the range of functions. This core functionality is the most important measure of price perception, it is the service that is actually used. In addition, one may be prepared to invest in additional potential for special circumstances, but these "reserve functions" are not seldom more of a psychological safeguard than an actual help in everyday work.

The more people in a company use the software, the more functions are used, so that such a company is more likely to think that the price-performance ratio is right. But for millions of people working in small companies or millions of freelancers, the price cannot be directly proportional to the total number of functions they theoretically get. Even the software giants know that. It is not only the theoretical multitude of functions that counts, but especially the real average practical application.

That said, numerous features are great for reaching a lot of different people, but a reasonable price should be based on what the average user can get.

More reasonable prices would likely benefit everyone. MM would find more customers and become much better known, customers would find the price-performance ratio fairer and since this would sensibly increase the number of licenses this would allow for even more extensive development

The offers from BlackFriday & Co. are tempting, but many shy away from using a system that is only available for special promotions at a reasonable price. Much more than an annual offer, it is a reliable, proportionate price that builds trust and increases willingness to buy, especially the willingness to stick with the system for a long time, to rely on it and not look left or right as often.

The point is not to bring the price down as much as possible, but to find a fair balance.

I'm out of here ;-)

PS. For me, MM is just one of many other important tools needed in my environment, so a reasonable price will always play a role.