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The reason why you can't respond to old questions anymore, maybe because tythere are some trolls and hackers using older posts to seduce you to click on spyware or worse.

So I am happy that the moderators block older posts for responses.

And just to be curious,

What is the response you wanted to share???


Hi Ary,

thanks for your response. Sounds logical. Maybe it would be a possibility to inform the author via pn.

My response.

What is the reason? The values start and end are entered in MS Project in the cells Start date and End date. If something is entered in these cells, MS Project automatically sets a restriction. It no longer works automatically.

Either build the structure in MM and then export it to MS Project or remove the restriction in MS Project for all tasks.

It is possible to create the work breakdown structure and time planning completely in MindManager.

The question is why export to MS Project?


Yes you can create the work breakdown structure and time planning completely in MindManager.

The only reasons for exporting to MS Project I can see are:

  1. Your company has decided ALL projects have to be in MS project
  2. You are the only one who sees the benefits for entering the WBS in MindManager
  3. You project is HUGE (more than 50 people involved with thousands of tasks / We have done projectmanagement for buikding a complete hospital with just MindManager as a tool )


I would be interested in two things

How did you create a baseline in MindManager? And do you have a solution for buffer management with MindManager?


How did you create a baseline in MindManager?

See the webinar and more on this in the resources area on the MindManager website

And do you have a solution for buffer management with MindManager?

One option would be to use Smartrules, maybe combined with Map rollups etc


I'd like to see the solution for baselines too. Ary, please could you identify the webinar that covers this?

If "buffer management" is an alias for "dependency lag times" (which I think it might be) then the only solution I know of is to introduce dummy delay tasks.


Some of the older but valuable webinars seem to have vanished.

Since someone has deleted the SEARCH feature from the MindManager website (WHY???) this was not an easy task.

But I found this one


I pointed out the inability to search, at least, the Resources section of the website some time ago. It is deeply annoying.


One suggestion we use for comparing actual project info with a basline, is to include the baseline properties in the tasks.

That makes comparison possible.

Unless you want something else with baselines, this should be good enough for most of us.

See also the MS info on the subject:


Realising the baseline for the budget with properties is not the problem. The baseline for time is the challenge.

If I could calculate with data value that would not be a problem.

If you work with EVM you need a baseline.

Buffer management for me is the management of buffers for risks in time and money. A buffer between two stages that automatically becomes smaller or larger when there are changes.




Your image clarifies things.

I see you have used the suggestion of Nick to introduce a dummy delay task.


You have made that one dependant to others.

In that case it is normal that it goes along with the end date of the previous task.

Ofcourse your approach - with calculations on dates would surely help you, but it is not available -Yet.


MS Start B only gives me the date to calculate the difference. Stage A is the sum of AP Phase A and MS Start B. This is not a "buffer"

task. The solution with a "buffer" has a big disadvantage. If there is a delay, the buffer should become smaller. I have to do this manually. My solution works automatically. It shows me the remaining buffer.

I know the solution from MS Project.