Spell checking and map freezes in the main (central) topic

Paul Q. shared this question 5 months ago

Hi Team

I'm struggling with finding the spell checking option. MindManager marks the spelling mistakes but I can't find an option to replace the word, if I click on the mistake no options are displayed.

Also, if I add multiple subtopics, MindManager only allows me to modify the main topic, no matter how many times I click on the topic that I want to change.

Not impressed with this new web version

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Hello Paul,

MindManager Web does not have a Spellchecker at this time and does not mark the spelling mistakes. Can you confirm you are using the Web Client and if so, which browser? A screenshot will be helpful.

I have not seen any reports on the second issue you experienced. I suggest you open a case with our Technical Support Team here to troubleshoot - MindManager Support

Best regards,