An improved work with relationships

Mike shared this idea 2 years ago
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Relationships are very important for visualizations, but they are not easy to add and in many cases also not easy to keep clean.

1. Add individual relationships

I suggest finding a simpler shortcut than Ctrl + Shift + R or the button on the ribbon.

Perhaps something like holding down a single button would change the properties of topics, so that our linking works exactly as in the concept map template. Therefore, a click on the "+" handles would start the linking.

2. Add many relationships at once.

That would be one possibility:

  1. We would select a whole group of topics that we would like to link to another topic X.
  2. Then we would hold down the special key and just click on the X topic. MM would link them to this X topic in one go. (or we would hold down the key and click the "+" first)
  3. An alternative could be even more powerful. In the moment we click on the X Topic, after we selected several subtopics, MM would offer two small options: TO or FROM the X Topic. We would choose the one that corresponds to the desired relationship direction.

3. Automatic relationship adjustment.

As soon as we move topics or collapse / expand things, relationships can look pretty bad quickly. They often do not adapt properly to the new distances. This is even worse with the concept maps, where a unfortunately relevant large part of our work has to be devoted to lots of map corrections instead of dealing with the content.

It would be really great if MM could manage to optimize the relationships automatically.These are just rough ideas, I hope you find some cool ways.

Even if I criticize such things, I would like to thank you for the otherwise excellent software!

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I've attached an example that illustrates the relationship problems I mentioned in the first post.


It would also be helpful to permit relationships that start and end at the same topic, as relationships are used to depict flows. This is found in state diagrams and flow charts. For example, a decision step can ask "Is X ready yet"? and loop back to itself if not.


Merge Topics - A more efficient way of dealing with insignificant or redundant nodes

When creating maps, there is always a lot of redesigning work until everything turns out the way we really like it. A new merge function could help to achieve some results faster. Insignificant or redundant nodes could be removed more efficiently. They would leave their relationships to a conceptually superior node of our choosing.

see attached example


Relationship labels

a) If we pull the label away, then it is difficult or impossible to put it right back in the middle of the relationship line. Two possibilities could help: You add a snap function so that the label finds the center again when it is dragged back, or we select the label and can move it precisely with the arrow keys.

b) I propose a mono-directional inheritance relationship between label, relationship and map template. If we change the template, the other two will follow. That is the current standard. And this is what I suggest:

- If we manually recolor the relationship, the label should see this as its reference and automatically change its color as well. But not the other way around.

- So if we change the label color, nothing else would change because the relationship is not bidirectional.

I suppose in most cases this type of behavior would be most helpful and would ensure a more coherent look with less effort. Or you can let this dependency be customizable, so that nobody complains ;-)


It would be helpful to be able to create a new topic right in the middle of a relationship.

Without this feature, we have to do that:

a) Delete relationship

b) Produce Topic X.

c) Connect topic X with topic A.

d) Connect topic X with topic B.

Exactly 4 steps.

With the proposed function, we do that:

a) We right-click on the relationship and select Produce Topic

b) We drink coffee.

c) We make even more suggestions ;-)

Less than 4 steps