A better Walk Through and a real Full Screen

Mike shared this idea 2 years ago
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The Walk Through view can be very useful. There are many situations where I use it for myself rather than for presentations. To make it even better, I propose some improvements that will make it more pleasant and modern.

The idea is simple: we should only see what we need and only when we need it.

1. The window should better not have a frame. The background should go right up to the edge of the screen.

2. Both the scroll bar and the bottom bar should optionally only appear when the cursor approaches the edge of the screen.

3. If the scroll bar and bottom bar appear, they should still not be opaque. Both should be very translucent, so that they only cover the map as little as absolutely necessary. Only the important elements - buttons and the scroll bar handle - should be more clearly visible.

Everything would be airier and more elegant and if the cursor does not approach the edge, then we would only see the contents of the map, which would be a real kind of full screen view.

Thanks you!

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In case you had not found it, the ribbon can be hidden and shown again by double-clicking on a tab. This gives a bit more working space.


Hi Nick,

I assume you mean the double click on tabs in the regular view. I know this very well and use it very often. In the suggestion I only describe the "Walk Through" view. Sorry if it wasn't clear enough. But thank you for the attempted support.

There are often moments when the exclusive focus on the development of content, without any interface distraction, is simply more pleasant and effective.