Excel Data Mapper -> Keep Formatting on update

Peter B. shared this question 14 months ago

Hi there

I have an Excel-sheet that I import via the Excel Data Mapper. Now when I apply some formatting in the MindMap and then "update" resp. re-import the data from the Excel-sheet all my formattings are gone. Is there a way to maintain the last formattings?

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no ;-)

Excel Data Mapper it rebuilds the structure and deletes the formatting from it.

Youn can solve this problem by using Topic-Styles.

Best, Andreas


Hi Peter,

What type of formatting are you doing? If the formatting is based on data in the map you can use SmartRules to apply the formatting which would reapply the formatting automatically after reimporting the data. In the below example I'm using SmartRules to apply fill colors based on the revenue properties. Would that work for you?