Mindmanager coedition onedrive access rights limitations

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Hello, i've just bought the new 2022 subscription -ok (i would have more liked an update for my mindmanager desktop 21....

I tried to start the coedition functionality, and tried to add a new place within onedrive.

I Stopped.

Mindmanager(Corel) asks for a total control over the files on my onedrive....! It could be ok if limited to one directory..But i don't want corel to have access to ALL my files.

Am i wrong about the file access ? What is the right way to share maps, without giving access to other files stored within my onedrive ?

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Hello Eric,

Thank you for your feedback. The OneDrive API does not allow setting permissions for a single directory and requires full access. Our integration with OneDrive allows users to open and save MindManager files (.mmap, .xmmap, .mdeck) and also allows users to save secondary files to OneDrive when exporting to other formats such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and the MindManager HTML5 Export.

Please note: We at Corel do you have access to any of your data stored within OneDrive as the desktop application talks directly to OneDrive through API's in the product.

If you intend to use the Co-editing service, then storing your maps in one of the supported Places is required. If you only need to share the information, you can try features such as the HTML5 export or Publishing and store the original .mmap file wherever you prefer.

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Helllo Marian,

thanks for the quick reply. I'll test the sharing on a sharepoint repository...seems to have more detailed control upon the stored data.