Find important elements in the library pane more efficiently

Mike shared this idea 2 years ago
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The search function currently allows us to find the images quickly. Associated keywords help here.

Exactly the same thing would help enormously for finding icons but also map parts. If you work a lot with icons and / or map parts, you would save a lot of time!

I suggest two things:

1. A search box like the one for the images would find other items as well.

2. We would have an editable (maybe hierarchical) keyword list. MM would display it within the library pane. The following things would be possible:

a) The keywords could be associated to diverse elements: icons, images, maps, map parts...

b) The list would work like a filter. As soon as you click on a keyword, MM would only display related elements.

c) We could drag&drop keywords over the icons / images / maps / map parts etc. to assign them to the respective elements (or vice versa).

d) Keywords would be produced within the list. It would no longer be necessary to right-click elements individually in order to assign keywords in cumbersome dialogues.

e) When we search, we don't always know if we're going to find anything at all, if we don't know exactly what it's called. In contrast, the keyword list would make it very clear to us what really exists and what does not.

A combination of a search box and such a list would greatly improve MM and we would become a lot more efficient!

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Without an icon search field, it is extremely uncomfortable to work with icons. I use several self-designed icon sets with a total of around 1500 icons that are very precisely tailored to concept types and research needs. It is very uncomfortable to have to search for them in folders instead of quickly typing in terms.

The alternative would be to convert them all back to image formats and add them as images. But why do we have the symbols?

Please program a search function! Exactly one like for the picture search. Keywords could also be associated with the icons.