These Pop Up Ads are a poor reflection on the product

br549 shared this question 2 years ago
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Honestly, I have been a mm user for over 20 years..(no joke) and this pop-up...seriously is concerning.

I should not have to look up a way to disable an ad on software I own. I have stuck with this through Win/Mac and cloud storage and many other things that have not quite lived up to hype...with no concern at all....some things will work...some wont.

But this is the first time it dawned on me that something is really not right (I might be late to the game in understanding this). I never minded paying the significant premium for the tool given I know it by heart (and have recommended the heck out of it) and while there are a lot of tools that are close...none are MM... but seriously...this is bs.

I will download my subscribed upgrade as the pop up asks....which will gain no more revenue as I always (or at least until now, used to) keep my subscription current. But as a long time user (and perhaps no longer the desired demo) I am now going to look for my alternative...clearly something is off here.

Its a darn shame.

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Hey br549. I am sorry you are seeing this.

I checked your licence type and you should not be getting any type of popup ads. I will be connecting with you offline via email to get more info on what you are seeing.

Cheers... Blair



Should anyone with a subscription licence be receiving the pop-up ads? I am.



Hi - Yup, I'm receiving these pop-up ads as well... I looked everywhere in the menu where i can shut these off, but didn't find any type of configuration setting for this. It's popped up several times over the course of the past week or two, so far. I purchased the One-Payment version of MindManager back in Sept/Oct timeframe, and have no desire to sign-up for the subscription version, so these pop-ups are definitely an unwanted distraction. Please advise if there's a specific setting that needs to be checked/unchecked, or else i would appreciate knowing if there is a regedit update i need to make to kill these. Thanks! Cheers, Rob


Most of the time, you can switch promotions OFF via

File> options> General > Untick Promotional Content.

If not, you have a special issue that only happens to a few of us.

Please contact Support to solve this for especially for you.


Thank you Ary. Promotions switched OFF via

File> Options> General > Show Promotional Content.