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DavidSkilton shared this question 6 days ago

I currently have 3 active MindManager subscriptions (Work PC, Work Laptop and Home PC) and my work desktop is now prompting me to upgrade in exchange for a little below $200AUD, in fact it keeps asking me to re-subscribe. However, my subscription is currently valid out to May of 2022.

How do I actually update my product when I have an active subscription? It's not offering me a download link even when I'm logged in to the website.

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If you have an active subscription, you should receive an email from MindManager/Corel automatically.

In that you find the download link and instructions.

I assume you use the license server portal that came with vs 2021?

Also... If you have a desktop subscription, you can use that for your HomePC as well as long as you never use them at the same time.


Hi David.

Since you are not an Enterprise customer, you do not have access to a licence server portal (as per Ary's comment).

It looks like you have both a MindManager subscription and a perpetual MindManager Windows 21 purchase - each under different emails. If this is correct, it would explain the behaviour you are seeing.

Please check to see which licence your desktop has been installed under. You can see that by choosing your account in the upper right corner and selecting "account details". If it is the perpetual licence shown, that licence is only valid for MindManager Windows 21 and is why you are being prompted.

If these two accounts are work and home and need to be kept separated, you will need to purchase access to MindManager Windows 22 through a new perpetual or subscription.

BUT... if you can use the subscription purchase for both home and work, I suggest you logging out of the perpetual account and log into the subscription account. Ary is correct that it will work for both - the one caveat is you cannot be using them both at the same moment in time.

Also, for your subscription, you can simply go to the download section of the MindManager webpage and download MindManager Windows 22. It will work with your subscription account, not your perpetual account.

Sorry for the long reply. I hope this explains things.

Cheers... Blair


Hi David,

why do you have three subscription? One for every device?

MindManager is user licensed = One account works on every device

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