Is there a document or a link somewhere to list all the MM22 new features?

Cleo H. shared this question 2 years ago
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I will like to check all the new features on this new MM22 version to see if I can add some of them to my workflow, but I can’t find a document listing all the new features.

Many other software companies have a version history or even a roadmap with the new features listed and the approximate date that they will release them, does MM have something similar?

thanks for your time,

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Check the Release notes in the download area. You can find earlier releasenotes as well.

And No. MM does not show future enhancements before they are available.

(And I personally think that is a wise decision ;-)


That was exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot Ary,

So, if I’m not wrong the main features for this version are collaboration features and some performance issues, I was hoping for something more,


Hi Cleo,

Look at this 30 minute webinar ON Demand to find out all the new and improved feature/function/benefits

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