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Jeff T. shared this question 2 years ago

When saving a file, what is the exact difference between a save as and save a copy? I am now knee deep in files, and the newly saved files are not showing up in my list of files. I have to leave Mind Manager and come back to find my work. But, in Mind Manager's defense, I think One Drive is getting involved. I am about to pull that plug and enjoy doing it.

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"Save As" will save the current map as a new map. stop editing it and close it without saving changes, then effectively open and edit the newly saved map. If you are editing Map A, and save as Map B, then map A is closed without saving changes, Map B is created and editing continues in Map B.

"Save a copy" will save a snapshot to a different file, but stay in and continue to edit the current map. If you are editing Map A and save a copy as Map C, then Map C is created in the background, but you continue to edit Map A.