Upgrade path to MM14 for Mac

Manga shared this question 2 years ago

I take it there is no longer an option to simply by an upgrade. There's an obvious determination to hide these behind the subscriptions and, if required, I'll move on to other solutions if I can't. However, the release of MM 14 for Mac is touted and there remains the perpetual licence option and 'looking to upgrade' takes me directly back to the subscription-based offering.

Yes, I am looking to upgrade MM13 for Mac but I want a perpetual product without any requirement to have ongoing upgrades. It's obvious after a year of 'development' that you already have a product with limited investment from yourself in upgrades but would like us to fund sluggish incremental updates.

Let me know a link to download MM14 for Mac and a link to buy a perpetual licence with no requirement for ongoing updates. Many thanks.

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Hi Manga,

I completely understand all the points here. However, the direction in which the company is heading is subscription-based, and hence upgrades on the Perpetual license won't be possible.

You will need to decide the path you wish to take. If you regularly buy upgrades, the subscription is actually more full-featured at a lower cost.

Following is the link to buy a perpetual license:


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Does this mean that perpetual licenses and version upgrades will disappear at some point?

And what about the future of the Upgrade Protection Plan?


Good question.

We are not able to comment on the future of UPP. All we can say is that MindManager is getting more cloud capabilities to enable collaboration and fit better into the user's operational paradigm. Those cloud capabilities require subscription.

There is an offer comparison chart available on the website which details this.

Cheers... Blair