On-Shore Tenant for US Clients

jsimkins shared this question 2 years ago

With 2022 is there now an "on shore" tenant for MS Teams co-editing functionality?

As a health care entity, our corporate security policies prevent us from using non-US based tenant for cloud services.

As such not able to deploy this feature....

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Hello - that is a very good question.

We understand the need of having a US based server deployment for certain industries. We do not have that right now but it is something we will be looking into. We just added hot standby for our EU servers which has consumed a lot of our networking resources over the past while. Hopefully we can start looking into this soon.

I am sorry I cannot be more specific at this time.

Cheers... Blair


Thank you for reply.

Created Idea "On-Shore Tenant(s) for Continental US Clients" to track this need.