Co-editing: finding the new approach inefficient

Jarlath shared this question 19 months ago

Our group are long-time Mind Manager users but find the new co-editing approach very inefficient and a bit clunky. It requires starting a co-editing session on the desktop, moving over to the browser, getting a link, making the edits, closing the browser, then moving back to the desktop. In prior versions with MindJet files (we are using Dropbox), everyone could co-edit in the desktop app. Is there any way to make this process more efficient? For example, launching the web version automatically in co-editing mode?

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It would be helpful to make co-editing similar to the MS Word Experience. I can share a file with a colleague and then continue to co-edit in my desktop version and they can come in a Web-based application of MindManager. Anything to make it easier would be appreciated.


Hello Jarlath and Jerry

Thanks for the comments. We have big plans for co-editing. I can not go into the details at this time but the experience will be improved as we move forward.

I appreciate the perspectives and welcome more. There is an ability to share ideas in the community and I encourage all our loyal MindManager users to add their voice as well as vote and comment on ideas they are passionate about.

Cheers... Blair