How Power Filter on "Topic Text contains" deals with the content of topic notes

JamesAK shared this question 2 years ago
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Evening all

I am trying to do a power filter on a particular keyword in a large map with lots of notes.

My keyword is "process". It is used in topic text and topic notes.

I can use power filter to show only those topics that have the word "process" in the topic text but cannot seem to find a way to have it also display topics that only have the word "process" in the topic notes.

Can anyone explain how to do this or give some rationale for why this is not available? If not, then it feels like a defect or, at least, a rather large omission.

Thank you


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The search pane seems to work properly in that it finds every instant of "process" in the topic text and topic notes and brilliantly delivers only those in the pane, so I don't have to get increasingly irritated with pressing next on the Find Replace window and try to identify which topic is highlighted in light grey (could this at least be set as bold).

Found this out from: