How to remove this "icon"?

Frank W. shared this question 19 months ago

See attached file. When I copy from one map to another this icon shows up automatically, end I can`t find a way to remove it. How can remove it ?

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The icon comes form a roll-up tasks action in your map.

How, or why it is copied, I cannot tell from your description.

Could you give us a step by step example with images (or maybe a short video) of what you have, how you copy it, and what MindManager windows version you are using?

That could help the search for a solution - if any-


If you copy topic from a structure that has a roll up at the top level, the roll up icon is copied too.

This happens with map parts also = Bug!


Thanks for your answer. I have found out why this happened. In my original mmap the rollup task was on the main topic. I had to adjust this in the new mmap due to that in the copy paste process this rollup was included on the topic that was copied..