beginner questions regarding excel

Bernd . shared this question 2 years ago

Hello dear community,

I am currently testing the 13 version for the mac.

essential for me would be 3 topics.

a.) I can't find the Excel Data Mapper anywhere. how and where do I activate it?

b.) how do I connect onedrive?

c.) how can i make an attached excel spreadsheet available to a client when i have published the mindmap?

thank you very much for your input.

Many greetings


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A) Excel datamapper is not available in the MAC version (yet) as far as I know

B) Just Save As and select the cloudservice you want form the options and sign in to that service will allow you to use it.

C) If you have attachments in your MAP they have a link to it when published.

For that reason you could have those stored in a place where your client has access to.


Hi Bernd,

As Ary mentioned above we currently don't have an Excel data mapper in MindManager on Mac platform.

We are adding OneDrive and SharePoint cloud service integration in Version 14 for MindManager Mac.