voice recording

johnhart shared this idea 2 years ago
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Having the ability to voice record an introduction to a mind map that is to be shared can be efficient as well as enabling a personal message to all who open the map. There may also be many other benefits to adding the feature of voice recording.

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I think it would be great if audio recording was added, and not just to record an introduction. It would be useful to be able to attach audio recordings to all topics and in notes, with the ability in published maps to click on these topics (or links in notes) and automatically play the recording.

At the moment it is possible to attach an audio file to a topic, but these don't play automatically when the topic is clicked on in a published map in the same way an audio (or video) file does if it is linked rather than attached to the topic. Links are also the only way files can be accessed from topic notes. This points to the wider issue of the inconsistency in the handling of attached rather than linked files (particularly in published maps) which I'll raise in a separate post.