The outline mode could be improved along the lines of the defunct Mindsystems Amode program.

Bruce shared this idea 34 days ago
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Wow--that's a blast from the past! :-) I may still have the install file for that somewhere... I never used it to its full extent by any means, but it was helpful for my proposal/research development activities & projects.


Yes, Amode was an interesting program. While I preferred the flexibility of MindManager, Amode had a lot of potential and it's a shame it disappeared.

It's also important to recognise that MindManager 21 is a lot more advanced than it was in 2009 when Amode came out, and many features are now available in the Outline view. For example, you can access markers, links, attachments and topic notes directly. Most other attributes such as tags are also available via the task panes, but unfortunately the Outline view does not give any indication on the topics themselves that these attributes exist. Other attributes like formatting, formulas, properties or relationships don't appear to be available in Outline view at all.

As you suggest, it would be great if all these features could be accessed easily via something a little like the Amode outline view. You could have for example a souped up version of the new Topic Info card on the right which would show all the attributes of the currently selected topic, while on the left the topics themselves could be given more of tree-like appearance.

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