Icons and tags take up multiple lines,

lonemccord shared this question 2 years ago

Links now add height to topics. I DON"T WANT IT TO. how to put links back the topic line. They are extending map size and adding a bunch of empty space. IT LOOKS HORRIBLE. How do I revert to the old way?

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View > Topic Info > Topic Info display settings > Display Style > Legacy


This is a result of the new topic info display features in MindManager 2021. In what is now called the "Modern" view (and depending on the the options selected), all topic information is shown on a card under the topic. This card can even be shown separately from the topic.

If you want to return to the "traditional" display, click on Topic Info in the Detail section under View in the ribbon. When the Topic Info Display Settings dialogue box appears, select Legacy under Topic Info display style.

Alternatively you can retain the Modern view but tick the box next to Show topic controls on the right (which appears only if the Modern view is selected). This will keep the topic info card but show the icons for links and attachments in line with the topic. However, I think this looks uglier than either the "straight" Modern or Legacy views.