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Alexander B. shared this question 23 months ago
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is there a way to bind properties such as tags to the individual items after connecting SharePoint lists? Current example: a risk register with > 100 entries managed in SharePoint. I would now like to try out different categories for the list entries without having to do this in the SharePoint list.


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Hi Alexander,

usually all items in your SP-list are imported into MindManager als properties on the topic.

We're using the SP-Linker since the first version. Can you upload an example or a screenshot. That would help.

Best, Andreas


Hi Andreas,

yes, that's true. All SP columns are imported as properties. But - I now would like to play around with the SP items using custom properties that I define within MindManager. That works as long as I don't refresh the SP query e.g. to import currently added items which are not yet available in my map.

Obviously it makes a difference if I refresh a whole list or only a single item.


Is there a solution?




Hi Alex,

unfortunately changes are not synched back to SP.

The items are updated every time when you refresh the map. It makes a difference if you refresh the main-topic (whole map) or only some topics.

I reported this some months ago and still hope the SP-Linker will be updated in future.


  1. Refresh and import you list
  2. Create a second Main-Topic with the formulas and properties you want to play
  3. Copy the imported topics as subtopic to this branch

Maybe this helps