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Jorge A. shared this idea 17 months ago
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I know that the app is one of the best for making maps and stuff, but $ 8,000 to have it permanent, although it is a good advantage, it is quite expensive and still much more for those who need to have it but cannot buy it, right now there are many Students who need this app to make their maps and cannot buy it because it costs $ 8,000, if they could please lower the prices of each thing it would be excellent, since there are people who do not have enough money with this pandemic, and despite being something reasonable the prices are very high, please lower the prices a little, it is the only thing I ask

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I assume that the “$8,000” price you quote is in your local currency, as the price in US or Australian dollars is only around 5% of this figure.

However, I agree that the current prices for both stand-alone and subscription purchases are quite expensive for students, small businesses and other users. Sadly, MindManager seems to be prioritising corporations and other organisations who can purchase multiple licences.


Good News, we now have a student edition with a much lower price! Visit https://www.mindmanager.com/en/product/mindmanager/education

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