Horisontal topics with equal sized columns

Tormod G. shared this question 2 years ago

Hi! Please forgive me if this has been answered before - I am note entirely sure what to search for.

I use MM 13 on MacBook Pro. I come from a different Mind Mapping tool which is no longer being supported so I am not an advaned MM user.

Please see the attached illustration.

I am building an outline for a process description for a client, and need to use vertical lines to separate levels. So Lane 1 is the task group, Lane 2 is the task, and Lane 3 is related processes or templates.

I can't seem to find a way to do this in MM.

It would be okay if I could simply "massage" the different topics into the lanes, but I find no way to position them manually. And when I choose "make all topics the same width", they align to some length but the shorter ones are still too short so items in the next Lane will not line up.

I also can't seem to make the swimlanes interact with the topics either.

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If you use swimlanes, bear in mind that they are "background objects"

The best way to populate those lanes is using floating topics. You can move them around easily and they can interact with the place where they are.

And if you create a flowchart... even better.


Hi Tormod,

You can still use the match width command to do this, the command will make all topics the length of the longest topic in the selection, so you can first set the width of one of the topics manually to fit your lane, then use the command to make all the others fit the same width.


Thank you both! I ended up just manually setting things for now. Slowly learning the MM ropes.