User default of completed tasks appearance

tos shared this idea 2 years ago
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The background color of completed tasks seems light green and unable to change. It is sometime mismatch to some map themes configured by user. For example white character color, greenish background color, and so on.

I think it is useful if users can configure the color and other appearance.

Therefore, I request to add setting items in map theme editor and allow the configure the appearance of completed tasks.

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I think there is a smartrule active.

Most users love it.

You can switch the rule off or change the behavior


Ary is correct. The background colour for completed tasks is set by a default SmartRule and not by the map theme.

There are three default SmartRules which highlight at-risk, completed and past due (overdue) tasks respectively. Each rule applies a topic fill colour and, in the case of at-risk and overdue tasks, an icon (see below). The task triggers, the fill colours and, in the case of at-risk and overdue tasks, the icon (if any) that is added, can all be edited, and other effects can also be added; for example, you could make the text of at risk or overdue tasks bold. The task trigger for the at-risk rule uses the At-Risk criteria which can be set globally or for the specific map under the Calendar and Task options at the bottom of the Task Info tab.

The completed tasks SmartRule does not add an icon - instead, the 100% Task done icon is the trigger. Unfortunately this icon isn't editable, which means that while you can edit the Completed SmartRule to make the fill colour (for example) blue, you can't change the colour of the Task done icon to match.



Hi Ary, Alex. Thanks for your comments. I was able to successfully customize appearance of completed tasks by SmartRule :-)

And then I knew SmartRule library. The library is convenient to reuse customized SmartRules frequently. It is very helpful for me. I apply my map theme and add customized SmartRuless from the library.

My map theme is somewhat unbalnaced with default SmartRuless, but it is no longer a problem.

Thank you again.