Support for custom user plugins

edgew w. shared this idea 2 years ago
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0Mindmanager, personally, lacks in some key areas that I could see would be useful for myself and I could have developed solutions for on my own but I can't because the software doesn't have an (accessible) plugin system.

If the developers of Mindmanageer would to add a plugin system I would really like to see the SDK support C#.


Personally I haven't seen many mindmap related programs even come close to supporting any extensibility such as plugins or even just keyboard shortcuts, this could really bring more appeal to the product if there were to be very useful plugins created by the community.

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Do you mean plug-ins specifically, as opposed to add-ons? There are quite a few of the latter commercially available for MindManager.


In addition to the COM API, support for the IDTExtensibility2 interface and VBA-compatible macro features for customisation, Zapier integration makes it possible to connect to a large number of other software solutions.