How to handle Arabic texts?

Pieter v. shared this question 2 years ago

Although I do not speak Arabic, I have to work with Arabic texts now and then. Copy/pasting to mindmanager works fine, with one exception: topic texts become a mess. I tried various right-justify formatting options, but they did not have the desired outcome. I even searched the MM API documentation, but I could not find something useful. Apparently it has to do with the difference between LTR (left-to-right) and RTL languages. Maybe some obscure setting I am not aware of?

As MM also can handle Japanese (AFAIK RTL as well), I was wondering which differences there are between RTL and LTR and whether both types can be mixed in a single map?

Anyway, any help will be appreciated!

The picture below documents what I did and illustrates what is going wrong. I attach the original map as well.8ca944d0c1c1e5ed5351eec87ff05db2

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Breaking: when I publish the mindmap with the bad Arabic formatting, the result is OK!


However, when I recycle the map, ie I download the published map as MMAP again and open it in MM21, the result is the same as before.


Hello Pieter,

RTL languages are not supported. One workaround some users reported as working is to first enter a space in the topic before entering text.

Regarding Japanese - Text is entered horizontally and is Left to Right.

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Hi Marian,

Thank you for your fast reply. The suggestion to insert a space at the beginning of the topic text works fine. So, for the moment, I can proceed!

Nevertheless, as the world becomes more and more interconnected ans MM has a lot to offer then, it would be great if future versions of MM could handle all languages, whether RTL or LTR. Although, I realise, it would involve more than inserting a space here and there (clockwise/counterclockwise, ordered lists, left map, etc). Could you forward this to some wishlist?

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